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PAKO Energy Group

PAKO Energy Group is a modern business whose team has rich experience in the machining – according to ISO 9001 standards. 

The Group consists of:

  • PAKO Services Sp. z o.o. – responsible for the commercial service of Polish and foreign clients – the company has the headquarters are in Wrocław and the Trade Office in Warsaw. 
  • PAKO ENERGY Zakład Usług Technicznych S.C., resposible for maintaining the production plant (which consists of two halls: a production hall and a locksmith and repair hall), the technical crew and the execution of orders.

We have a warehouse covering most commonly used materials and we cooperate with reliable suppliers offering every type of steel, aluminum or other metals. 

The clients of PAKE Energy Group include:

  • energy sector companies, 
  • oil & gas companies,
  • the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding sector, 
  • and companies that use metal elements made using machining in small and medium-sized series.