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We provide following services:

  • Conventional and CNC machining,
  • Conventional and CNC milling,
  • Chiseling,
  • Threading,
  • Welding (TIG, MIG, gas welding),
  • Cutting, grinding and sharpening tools,
  • Repair and assembly works,
  • Regeneration of parts and components,
  • 27/7 support for companies responsible for the maintenance of production lines.


  • Bolts, nuts and all fasteners made of alloy steel and others, 
  • Ramparts, axles and bushings,
  • Toothed wheels with straight and oblique tooths,
  • Cogwheels and pulleys,
  • Cutting elements,
  • Elements used in pneumatic equipment and machinery components in the energy sector and heavy industry.
  • Other elements – made according to the design documentation or replaced.


  • Steel alloy with improved properties for high temperature and high pressure,
  • High-quality stainless steel,
  • Carbon steel, 
  • Aluminium alloys, 
  • Plastic, bronze, brass and copper.

In case of components working under heavy load, we apply heat treatment or heat and chemical treatment to increase their strength.